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Whether you are a coloring enthusiast or an artist looking to expand your coloring skills, Coloring Book Cafe is for you.

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How Our Club/Membership Works

Coloring Book Cafe was specifically designed for people who love art and creativity.
It is the ALL-IN-ONE place for you to relax, destress, and stimulate your artistic ambition.

With a stunning library of 100+ printable coloring books, an amazing Coloring Master Course, and a beautiful,
supportive community of adult coloring enthusiasts, we have everything you’ll ever need all at your fingertips.

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3. Color

Happy coloring!

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An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Beautiful Horses, Relaxing Nature Scenes and Peaceful Country Landscapes.

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100 Flowers

An Adult Coloring Book Featuring 100 Easy and Relaxing Flowers, Patterns, Wreaths, Bouquets, Swirls and Much More.

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Cute Witches

An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Adorable Witches, Cute Animals, Magical Spells, Enchanting Scenes and Much More.

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Mountain Landscapes

An Adult Coloring Book Featuring Majestic Mountain Landscapes, Beautiful Animals and Relaxing Nature Scenes.

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Why Is Coloring So Amazing?


Coloring is a wonderful way to make sure that you are as balanced internally as you are or appear to be externally.
In both an emotional and intellectual capacity, unleashing creativity is beneficial.

When adults color they are not looking for the delightful characters their children may draw. They are looking for a different escape, one that connects them with nature and a place that their imaginations long for. Is it fun? Absolutely! However, it is also relaxing and soothing a massage for the brain and all the thoughts that are often hard to shut down.

Plus, it rejuvenates like few other things in a highly affordable way. 

More About Us

Hundreds of Coloring Enthusiasts have become Artists

Noreen Nielson

"I am so glad I joined. I’ve been here a while and there is so much to color! I enjoy the variety and also love seeing the finished works."

Crystal Seeker

"I love being part of this group and of Coloring book Cafe. Lots of colouring choices. The books have a wonderful array of pictures to choose from.
I definitely get my money worth with the lessons."

Jojo Vagg

"Awesome group! Full of love, inspiration and encouragement. Love the videos and the new books that we get, always gets me itching to colour them..."

Rachel Collins

"I love being a part of this club! I check it almost daily for any new pictures that people have posted...
I love that the community is so friendly and helpful when people ask questions too!"

Tracy Patrick

"I love being part of this wonderful club.
I love seeing all the beautiful pictures that everyone posts.
I love learning new techniques and tricks that we share. I love how everyone always has a positive or encouraging word for someone."

Freida Williams Christmas

"Yes ! Love this site..
I have learned a lot from other people and from the tutorial videos!"

Adult coloring trend as seen in

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